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Pistol Range 4 gong target setup.jpg

About Half Cocked Range

Where lead meets steel

This range sports 1/2 inch AR500 targets, as well as the ability to hang your own paper targets.  We have 2 rifle lanes that go out to 350 yards and a new long distance range out to 480 yards currently (aiming for 650 yards when completed).  Pistol range has 10 inch bullseye gongs (10 inch target with a 3 inch center target), so you can really hone in your skills.  We offer online Texas LTC classes, as well as range time to anyone that needs to get their range qualifications

New addition to the range is an automated trap machine.  It has 45 degree pivot with up and down wobble, foot pedal release so you can come play in groups or solo..

Rifle Range close up of targets.jpg
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